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As May calls Members of Parliament the enemies of Brexit, as mosques are attacked in Birmingham, as far right hate pours across social media.. have we learned nothing.? Has Christchurch and the murder of Jo Cox not taught May anythung? A tragedy awaits us all.. and the alchemy of intolerance and rage is launched upon the land. Beware … sometime the Devil comes as the daughter of a vicar who is feeding the Far Right.

We have been played… The tendrils run deep through the body of politics. Umberto Eco talked of eternal fascism and of the fusing of corporate power and government
This is the matrix, reality is inverted. There never was a country to get back. A lie was sold, the cancer of patriotism was used and hatreds were stirred and continue to be. The masks slip and we do not see behind them Icke’s lizards but we see the coldness of the lizard looking out through their souls and intentions. Rees Mogg is not a quaint eccentric Farage is not the man down the pub . They are agents of the powerful and of the military industrial complex. The methods are the same.. they divide, blame the immigrant and the other. They are the dead cold flsh and their outlook is as ambitious as Lucifer and as cold as lis lizards.. Brexit, Trump the headlines in the Mail and the Express were hypnotic approaches to control, confuse and divide. We find links between Murdoch and the establishment..we find their friends and their shared office blocks. May worship at the shrine of right wing ideologies comfortable in blaming the other..The superstructure has always been used in this way. Gramsci told us of soft power and hegemony..of control and fear of the persuasion to be ruled. The working class in both the USA and the UK were sold the pup of right wing populism and now more and more are seeing the truth as more realise that they have been played, taught to project and to hate. The scales fall from the eyes and the lizard like intentions and souls of our masters are revealed.They begin to realise they have been played.. be it the rust belt or Port Talbot we awaken and see the truth. May appears in a crypto fascist pose beside the flags. These are the days of Eco’s Us Fascism.