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On being ashamed of living in the UK. or why I am Welsh and European.
When you come down to it you see so easily the nature of the psyche, soul and knowledge of the ERG. Its essence can be seen particularly in two ‘Prime Specimens’. These individuals are Nigel Evans and Mark Francois. I was at Dynevor School with Nigel Evans and at Swansea University too. I remember his right wing whines for a clear period of five years. I remember him claiming at school that he lived in Cockett . We laughed and laughed when we heard that in fact he lived in Townhill in the midst of the vast Council estate in Graiglwyd Square. His family ran the local newsagents and he shared all the values and prejudices of the Thatcherite small shopkeeper. Nigel had a mediocre intellect and gained a ‘”Desmond ‘ in his degree ” He lectured us all on religion, the free market and morality. Now some forty years later nothing has changed he is still is blinkered unread and prejudicial. There is no evidence of the reading of anything significant in philosophy, politics or social science. His outlook is based on a poor and superficial reading of Kipling and a very thin and gruel like knowledge of 19th century history. This is the true nature of his anger and ravings. To Nigel Sartre and Camus are probably the names of continental restaurants. The prejudice and snobbery of a particular kind was there forty years ago and informs his political instinct and outlook now. 
Perhaps worse is Mark Francois. He makes Nigel look clever and subtle. I we discovered that Francois claimed a military career when in fact he had been simply in the TA’s.
It’s not that I loathe these two because they wish to leave the EU. After all there are well thought out critiques from the political left. It’s because Nigel and Mark fundamentally have no grasp, understanding of appreciation of European culture and history. They would be unaware that the Magna Carta and the ‘Glorious Revolution’ was made possible by European armies and cultures. There is no understanding of enlightenment philosophy and literature.
I am ashamed that individuals like this are seen as representatives of the UK. I am Welsh and European. I love English literature the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare and the radicalism of Blake and Shelley. I know the radical history of the Diggers and the Levellets, the suffragettes and of the Bryant and May match girls. I am ashamed of Farage and the ERG. I am truly ashamed of the narrow culture that these I individuals represent. I am so sorry, so ashamed I really am my European friends. I am so sorry…