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Mordred, Prince Neil King Adam and ambition ..the Grail of Cardiff West. As the Tory Party implodes and the drama of Brexit widens a little known historical period comes to an end in Wales. Neil McEvoy’s suspension from Plaid Cymru comes to an end today. Prince Neil has said that he intends to reapply to Plaid. A year ago Plaid had another leader now it has Adam Price. The question is quite clear what will Adam Price do now?
It’s been an open secret that Neil McEvoy was the architect of Plaids victory in the Cardiff council ward of Ely last month. In 2016 Neil McEvoy ran Labor close in Cardiff West. The next Assembly election in 2021 is three years away. What thoughts must run through Adam Price’s mind. ? What is the price of ambition? What is the price Adam would pay? It was quite clear that last year none of the Plaid Assembly group would work with Prince Neil. But that was a year ago. The British state is cracking under the pressure of Brexit and as the constitutional crisis deepens who knows what Plaid will decide? 
Those men around Prince Neil are unreconstructed males who ‘fear” strong women and regard identity and sexuality issues as a fringe matter. For many of them an independent Wales is essentially a UKIP lite state mediated through the Welsh language. Those in this masculinist Praetorian guard around the Augustus of Ely are a light year from many of the excellent Eco socialists that can be found within Plaid. With their dislike of feminism Neil’s boys are a strange mix of ontological insecurity and fear of the other. They use the lexicon and jargon of the alt right, raging against social justice warriors and those who practice virtue signaling. 

Neil’s men have a quaint outlook but the next stage will be more to do with the decision of Plaids governing body and the Mab Darogan himself. King Arthur fell because of Mordred’s entry into Camelot. In many ancient texts Carmarthen was long associated with the Arthurian cycle of legends. Will King Adam experience this cycle of betrayal and destruction.? The drama begins