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The old Pagan at the Spring political Equinox. The light and dark nears balance. In politics and in culture the forces of progress and reaction face one another. It is mirrored in the cosmos as we draw near the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon.I hear of the woman going back in to the Christchurch Mosque to rescue her wheelchairs bound husband. He survived she did not. I hear of the Grandfather shielding his Grandson and of the Father laying down his life for his son. I hear of the Amman of the Mosque covered in blood emerging from his sacred place spotting the assailant. Now he spends his time washing the bodies restoring respect and value. Then I think of the youngest victim who was only three years of age. These are those who are remembered, celebrated and who are lamented for.

On the other side from the light we see the bitter men of the far right. Their anger rises for those they have never met, never talked to or even tried to understand. The bitterness comes from hatred grown by the system that isolated them, brutalized them and controlled them. But with them there are those who know how the system works and how to grow this perfectly postmodern fascist and to release it upon the world. Fascism lurks within all of us yet some develop it and feed it whilst others battle it.
Yes, I am the old Pagan at the Spring Equinox. as the gibbous waxing moon nudges to full the light and the dark face one another. There is monster around us, within us and beyond our comprehension and self-awareness the at shifts in the mire of Brexit politics and deep within the abyss of British politics.

The light and dark near balance. Who will win? it’s really up to us. The Fascist lurks and seeks to possess us. Yet we know that Farage, Gove and Johnson who ‘sorcerer apprentice like’ summoned the ghosts of Weimar and we all hear the Jackboots marching around our homes, cities and psyches. Are we a schizoaffective society or a bipolar one?