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 Saturday   I hear of the bravery of a Grandfather throwing himself as a shield in front of a worshipper at the Christchurch Mosque.. I hear of a candidate in the Newport West By Election saying the real enemy is Islam. The politicians who stirred up the threats, the fear know who they are . This is the true breaking point and as we near the Spring Equinox when light and dark is balanced it us reflected in our hearts, our outlook and in politics and culture. Never has Socialism been more needed . Never has the sheer decency of kind tolerant people been more needed Never have these kind tolerant people been more abused and mocked. It’s very late and we have little time left to ensure our outlook endures. It is either Socialism or Barbarism. What say you Rosa Luxembourg,? The hammer attack on a worshipper at a London Mosque echoes culturally, metaphorically and physically at all of us on the left….it’s darker but within it a powerful light shines pasaran….


The plague spills out…As Monday begins we hear of six attacks on the Muslim community. On social media the hatred is palpable.. the lack of awareness stunning. I read a report that accounts of Islamic terrorism is reported by the media by a factor of 357% over that of far right terrorism. We know that the Prevent programme now deals equally with Islamic fundamentalism and the far right I find a hateful post by one Tom Fereday. He is from Cwmbran but now resides in Newport. He has a conviction for violence and parades Trump, Farage and UKIP upon his Facebook page. I post it to show you the sickness that haunts us…vile words spill out from those who are elected councillors, activists and major politicians ..these are those who feed the discord of hate and the discourse about Muslims and the other. You know who you are..many of us have called you out. And while you pretend to help the homeless and get your country back…we know who and what you are and what your agenda is..