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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So picture the scene. Wales are playing Ireland in the six nations championship. Wife is watching that with “the girls”. Wales of course eventually won winning the six nations, the grand slam and rugby bragging rights at least until the World Cup.

(And of course the Welsh mathematical theory that national rugby success is in equal and direct proportion to the mess of their club game still stands)

Daughter is revising for her exams.

I am alone. Even the weather is no company. Wind and heavy rain with an unseasonably grey sky above.

In fact the only company I have is Donald Trump…… being the next book to read from the library.

Fire And Fury – Michael Wolff

In this blog I rarely chat about a book as I’m reading it in case my opinion changes at the end (as was the case with D H Lawrence). But given the circumstances and as it’s such a good read so far I thought I’d make an exception here.

Mr Wolff was given access to the White House (which would probably have been denied if they’d known what he would produce). Trump and his entourage denies what was produced and I’ve no idea either way. Trouble for Trump though is that given his known behaviour in public what is written here certainly seems credible.

The impression of Trump here is of a nasty lazy man who didn’t expect to win the presidency (and in terms of the popular vote remember actually didn’t) and is struggling to do the job. It also gives the impression of bewildered acolytes around him. Trying to contain “the Donald” as best they can but finding that eventually he breaks free.

It was interesting to read that Trump runs the White House on the basis of separate cliques fighting for his attention and approval doing the same piece of work. Do you know who also did this? Hitler.

Do you know what the worse thing about Trump being president is? Whatever we thought he was going to be it turns out he is far worse than that.

It’s a tribute to Mr Wolff that from such a complex subject as Trump, how he operates and those around him (and were around him – given he fires people with such regularity) is a book that’s readable and understandable for an Eastender living in Wales.

I’ve read about third so far. Let’s hope the rest of the book is just as good.

Until the next time.