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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So here it is. The latest book I’ve read from the library.

Beauty In The Beast – Hugh Warwick

Mr Warwick is a writer on animals. Ordinary animals that we can all see should we be interested (not me). He had written a book on his favourite animal (hedgehogs) and got a tattoo made for it one leg. So in this book published in 2012 he decided (as you do) to go round Britain chatting with people who have equally extraordinary passions for ordinary animals and the animal that affected him the most would be be tattooed on his other leg…. as you do.

So there would be enthusiasts as the man with sight difficulties happily looking into a microscope at a single bumblebee (personally I always thought bees lived in monarchist dictatorships but what do I know?) or the young woman from Glasgow happy to spend the night partying with moths.

I’ve said it before about animal books and as it applies here I’m going to bore you with it again that probably because I’ll never be considered the next David Attenborough the best animal books are those where animals (though obviously important) are not the only factor. Here the key pull for the non animal fanatic is these people’s obsession with their subject. Such as the woman happy to wander round green spaces in London at night looking for bats.

Mr Warwick is a good writer and he got me engaged in this competition. So engaged that I didn’t agree with his final choice. Me! I actually cared!

A fun book in a subject you’re not normally interested in is I would think the best testament I can give to Mr Warwick’s work. And if I ever see his book on Hedgehogs I will read it.

I’ll still leave it for others to feed it milk though.

Until the next time.