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As the Tory party considers regicide, we experience a government that neither rules nor governs. We are in the midst of a Gramscian crisis. The far right stirs, tempers are frayed and the rain pours down. Each day we lurch from an unexpected event to wilder developments. Words are meaningless, the nasty Tory party non entities like Nigel Evans sulk and scream. In the darkness hatreds are projected and displaced onto those who are different. Ontological insecurity and epistemological blankness is the lifeblood of the ERG and it’s gross allies. We are in Puritan New England and the witch hunters and burners walk in the street gangs of the EDL, the Yellowvests and UKIP. The methods of Weimar are now the tools of politics. As the Eagles sing ” You can check out anytime you like..but you can never leave” we near the Ides of MarchThe Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.

From Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, 1601. ‘Beware the Ides of March’ is the soothsayer’s message to Julius Caesar, warning of his death.The Ides of March did not signify anything special in itself – this was just the usual way of saying “March 15th”. The notion of the Ides being a dangerous date was purely an invention of Shakespeare’s; each month has an Ides (often the 15th) and this date wasn’t significant in being associated with death prior to 1601.

Months of the Roman calendar were arranged around three named days – the Kalends, the Nones and the Ides – and these were reference points from which the other (unnamed) days were calculated: Kalends (1st day of the month).

Nones (the 7th day in March, May, July, and October; the 5th in the other months). Ides (the 15th day in March, May, July, and October; the 13th in December.
What will today reveal?. What assassins stalk Westminster? Fortuna and virtue are amongst us. This time is one fit for latter days Machaevelis and the devotees of realpolitk..we reach Pontardawe.