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the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development.
“the remorseless enantiodromia between good luck and bad”And so we learn that numerous Russian oligarchs have given over a million pound to the Tory Party and that a certain cabinet minister has interesting Russian tennis links. Vladimir Putin becomes a believer in the Russian Orthodox church as he abolished domestic violence legislation and persecutes gay and trans gender activists. Putin becomes a family man, a macho man and a state nationalist. The alt right in the USA begin to praise him and Farage admires him. He is seen by the right as a man of traditional values and the authoritarian right wing populists sing his praise.

There is no doubt that Trump deep in authoritarian masturbatory fantasies love his control of the constitution and of prooaganda . Like the former old style siviet rulers of the old Yugoslavia..he reinvents himself as a nationalist. He promotes “Russia First” and moves Enantiodromia like from his old role in the KGB to a new gross hybrid form of a Russian outlook resembling that of the 19th century. I wonder what Tolstoy’s thoughts would be and those of Dosteyevsky would be as a new Czar emerges.?

This new Russian enantiodromia is both ironic and perverse.. Long ago Trotsky warned of the implications of Stalinism and it cost him his life brutally done with an ice pick…
This is the age of the authoritarian male ruler. Erdogan, Trump and Putin. Trump wishes to be a fusion of the other two and we can trace the origin of the present Russian state to the selling of its soul to the oligarchs under Yeltsin. I suspect that Gorbachev realised what was happening to the Russian state but was powerless. Both glasnost and perestroika were attempts to return the state to its Leninist roots.. ironically both terms originate long before the revolution probably 18th century in origin. Gogol”s satire would have savaged Putin but I suspect eod have cost him in life.. but the movement to the right and the Russian oligarch links means there are no moral difference between the attempted assassination of a former Russian spies in a sleepy English town and the use of drones in Syria. As May sells arms to the Saudis and death reigns down in Yemen the arms trade destroys us all and we lose all capacity to challenge Russian activity in the UK. How ironic would it not be that a spy scandal would bring down a Tory govetnment? What an amusing enantiodromia
 While the Mail and Express and Telegraph raise the issue of Corbyn a nothing is said of the links between the Tory Party and it’s dark theocratic paymasters in both Saudi and within the modern Russian state. They would not even know what I am talking about…would tbey? Could they? The Tory Party is so linked to Russian money that no response becomes possible…and everybody knows it….and don’t you find it odd..the unusual silence of Trump on this matter..