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 Far Right in Torfaen thteaten ne with a visit…I have just contacted the local police in Dyfed Powys. One David Simpson of Torfaen has left a message on my phone. He wants to know why I am calling him a racist. He tells me he wants to come down and ask me a few questions. He says that he will come down and see me after I get off the bus from Brecon. He feels that I am in league with the local Torfaen Council. I have reported the threat and reported a hate crime.ust had a visit from the police. It was very helpful. They told me tbat the special branch in South Wales has been informed of developments .

My good friends bin Far Right Watch Wales have been busy. heres their blatest research…

`In a post last week we revealed the very worrying political associations of Conservative Councillor for Greenmeadow ward in Torfaen Jason O’Connell

In particular his pro Tommy Robinson posts on the far right social media platform GAB and his close working relationship with friend of the British far right Louise Shepphard and with notorious torfaen based far right activist Dave Simpson
Since then we’ve uncovered further disturbing evidence of Councillor O’Connell’s political associations – in particular with a prominent islamophobic former Pontypool councillor Mike Harris, and even Islamophobic references on social media from Jason O’Connell himself
Readers will see in a post on his fb page last month (pictured) he calls on leader of Torfaen council Anthony Hunt to condemn and disavow what O’Connell disparagingly refers to as ‘far left agitators’? (er that’s dedicated anti racist anti fascist campaigners to anyone who doesnt share Jason O’Connell’s paranoid far right mindset). A ironic and laughable question really given Jason O’Connell’s close links with people with proven far right associations ie. Louise Shepphard and Dave Simpson (and it’s notable from the screenshot they both heartily approved). Furthermore following disturbing reports over the weekend of Dave Simpson trying to intimidate followers of this page we trust Councillor O’Connell will be publicly disavowing this far right agitator?

Another close associate of Jason O’Connell is one Mike Harris, indeed they were both ‘independents’ in Torfaen till O’Connell’s blatant and career move inspired decision to join the Conservative party last September. This is the Mike Harris who hit the headlines a couple of years ago when fellow councillors walked out of the council chamber after Harris repeatedly referred to refugees as ‘rapeugees’….
And it wasn’t long before Harris was at it again, referring to ‘hackneystan’ in a attack on Diane Abbott in a facebook post (pictured), ‘hackneystan’ of course being a long time term of abuse used by the british far right to denigrate communities with sizeable muslim populations. But there’s no hint of an admonishment from Jason O’Connell in his comment on the post for this deeply offensive and blatantly islamophobic term, indeed O’Connell even ‘likes’ it. Fair to conclude Jason O’Connell thought it ‘brilliant’ to (see picture)

Also at this juncture we’d like to point out to Jason O’Connell that followers of Islam don’t think ‘throwing homosexuals out of buildings is the best thing to do’ and Muslims categorically do not consider pedophilia ‘acceptable’ (pictured).

A trawl thru Jason O’Connell’s social media output shows his low regard for anti racist campaigners, followers of Islam and local supporters of the labour party, and from a post on his facebook (pictured) it seems he takes a similarly dim view of a certain prominent British politician to – namely his own party leader and the current british PM Theresa May

Finally and returning to his laughable effort in Torfaen’s council chamber 3 weeks ago to demonise local opponents of the far right Jason O’Connell raises the subject of ‘disrepute’ – in view of his political associations and some of his posts on social media we think it’s likely the party he joined last September might conclude that it’s him who’s bring them into ‘disrepute’. We’ll be forwarding the material we’ve assembled to Conservative party chairman Brandon LMwis and to the office of Welsh conservative leader Paul Davies.

And while we’re on the theme of far right activity in South east Wales watch out for a forthcoming post on the assorted british neo fascists and far right parties who have entered the field in the forthcoming Newport west by-election.`

 The drama unfolds,. the tempers fray and the nests of far right vipers in South Wales behave like the street gangs of the Weimar Republic. Welcome to the edge of Brexit Britain Over the weekend I was touched by the solidarity, support and concern expressed by phone calls, texts and information sent to me. As more and more emerges about interconnection between, fellow travellers of the far right, a Tory Councillors so called “independents: and the ethos and methods of the street gang we can see the risks and the dangers…Thank you all… paseran.. you shall not pass…