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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So picture the scene. I have left the Cardiff City stadium on a Saturday afternoon. Saddened by their win over my team West Ham. I have about an hour to fill until the wife comes and picks up.

Across the road from the stadium there is a collection of out of town stores. One of them being Marks and Spencer and as I need to go to the Gents I wander there. Call of nature answered I meander into their food hall where I see this.

British Daffodils

Daffodils. The flower of Wales. Produced in Wales and here is Marks and Spencer selling “British” Daffodils.

There are two explanations.

1) They are Welsh daffodils. But Marks and Spencer seem to be ashamed in announcing that fact. Bad under any circumstances but worse when you consider they’re apparently ashamed to advertise WELSH daffodils in a WELSH store.

2) They are not Welsh daffodils. Which means they’re trying to flog daffodils which aren’t from Wales when they can get locally produced ones.

Marks and Spencer do have form in this. In 2016 they advertised suits modelled by members of the England Euro 2016 squad when becoming the official male suit company or something like that. It was advertised in Wales. Even though not only Wales were also in Euro 2016 (reaching the semi-finals) but in the first stage were in England’s group!

So Marks and Spencer really need to deal with this promptly. They cannot get the impression they can get away with this if put under the banner of “British”.

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