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 More news from my good friends of far Right watch Wales`This very unsavoury South Wales based character has come to our attention, and we’re sure page followers will be keen to learn about him. He has used the name ‘Keith’ (real name Hugh) and is based in Riverside, Cardiff and also frequents pubs in Cowbridge and Cwmbran. He’s a regular live broadcaster on the social media video streaming platform Periscope

Almost all his broadcasts consist of live uploads from far right events he’s participated in – among them attending pro Tommy Robinson gatherings and DFLA marches in London, attending last year’s Polish independence march in Warsaw with far right activists from around europe and plastering bridges crossing Cardiff’s river Taff with far right stickers.The ‘Base’ in his periscope moniker is part of the lexicon of the international Alt Right

For someone seemingly so fond of broadcasting he’s oddly camera shy when it comes to showing himself. Unfortunately – for him at any rate – he slipped up on one occasion allowing us to reveal him on this page (pictured). Also and very worryingly we’ve had reports that he’s been spotted on occasions recording footage of anti racist and anti fascist protests in South Wales, which we can be sure he then passes on to cronies on the far right like the DFLA and the neo fascist For Britain party.
Recently suspended by facebook he operates on Twitter as – and we strongly suspect this is another twitter account he manages
He joins the likes of Torfaen’s Dave Simpson and Councillor Louise Shepphard, Cwmbran’s Vincent Cawthron, Caernarfon’s Benjamin Jackson, Gwynedd’s Carey Roberts and Swansea’s Stephen ‘reeco’ Rees and Ben Raymond on this list we recently posted of far right rogues currently operating in Wales`