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The victory of the left is inevitable. It may be soon. It is us who have the compassion. It is us who have the imagination and perception to step beyond the narrow narcissism of the right. It is the Left who has Roseau it’s is the right who has Hobbes. It is the Left who has the music, the arts and the vision. Whenever you encounter the thinkers, the therapists, the reformers you will meet the left. When you find optimism you will encounter the left. It is the right who insist that life is short brutish and nasty. It’s the left who have the positive view of human nature. The Right is an unknowing collective stuck in a cul de sac of ignorance. The left is the Soul of Humanity under Socialism.

The Left’s compassion will carry it to victory. Socialism’s ideas permeate society we have the ideas of the NHS and of free education. Even Evolution has led us to empathy, care and altruism The Left wins when it takes education, health and social care to the people. The Right brings fear, division and cultural bigotry that divides us. The Right is throwing everything it can to stop Corbyn and a Socialist Labour Party. The Right knows victory here will be a tipping point and a renewed Left will sweep across Europe. It will bring to power a pro-Palestinian government. The Right fears that change and the wounded beast that they are strikes out more viciously.Those of us who lost a faith and found a faith wait patiently. It may not come in my life time but it’s victory is inevitable. Those of us on the left find that as we age we become more expansive, more secure in who we are and develop the ability to take the piss out of ourselves. We know we are old fools the right does not. The devotees of the Right find that as they age they panic more becomes less ontologically secure, they read less and consider themselves realistic. Projections and displacements multiply upon the other and they build walls and not bridges.

So whatever the right does now it simply reveals its fear. No defeat or set back is total we move forward and take another stage towards our victory. I hope to see it but if not my particles will dance with those of you who see that moment. There is no other choice than Socialism. It’s philosophy, psychology and politics make it certain. The gulags of the past were aberrations. Marx, Gramsci; Trotsky; Rosa Luxembourg and Wilde were flawed yet it was the crack in them was the means by which the Light of Socialism got in…