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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.There is a part of me that wonders whether we are witnessing a sort of unique Welsh mathematics rule being that the more success the national side has there is an equal and opposite reaction of incompetence on the Welsh club rugby scene.

So after Wales beat England in the six nations you expect something to happen in the club structure and there is no change here. You may remember a post I did where I discussed the proposal to change the Welsh regional club structure (called Project Reset by the way – says everything you need to know about the success of the Welsh rugby structure). The original proposal was of the current Welsh Pro14 teams (The Cardiff Blues, The Dragons, The Ospreys and the Scarlets) two should become the main teams whilst the other two “feeder” clubs.

This mad proposal was rejected. And a good thing too. End of story.

Well apparently not. For the latest proposal is to disband the Ospreys team and create one in North Wales instead.

As I’ve said before my view is that the Welsh teams should leave the Pro14 and go back to the previous local club structure which included promotion and relegation. I’m not going to back down on that point of view.

Four questions need to be asked.

What is the research that states that a North Walian regional team in the Pro14 is going to be successful? After all as we’ve previously discussed when you look at matches for the supposed heartlands of South and West Wales then the current regional teams do not play to full houses as opposed to those that play the round ball. So where is the proof that things will be different for a North Walian franchise?

Secondly why have the Ospreys been picked for this Sporting suicide? Why not the “financially troubled have to be bailed out by the WRU” Dragons? Since this regional rugby concept began they have been the most successful team yet for no apparent reason they’re the ones venerable for the chop? What is the logic here?

Thirdly does the WRU seriously expect disenfranchised Ospreys fans (a team mainly playing in Swansea) to move their allegiances to the Cardiff Blues (yes really!) or the Scarlets? This is the same mad logic that for example assumed rugby fans from the South Wales Valleys would flock in their droves to watch the Cardiff Blues play. It did not work then. It will not work now.

And finally the most important question of all. Explain how in terms of anyone can truly argue that the regional rugby structure has been a success for the Welsh club game? Is it not a case that the WRU created a mess of it’s own making and have made it even worse through the years?

So going back to the first point I raised in regard to the Welsh rugby mathematical formula. With this increased mayhem I predict that Wales will win the rugby world cup later this year. With regard to the club game however predictions are impossible.

Until the next time.