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 . Have you noticed the certain characteristics of those who use this phrase. I have been watching and observing them over the last few weeks It’s a pernicious and vile term and it says more about those who use it. Every time I have seen it used it’s been by white men . Each time it is used it comes along with terms like SJW. It’s a word that originates from the alt right that dismisses those who campaign for social justice.. the term ‘ virtue signalling ‘ was used by Neil McEvoy most recently in his rants against a ‘perceived bias’ for women. Neil has allegedly claimed that domestic violence charities bullied men. His ally and blogger Jac o the North is want to publish on his blog pictures of female activists asking for his readers to name them and constantly raves against ” wimmin, lefties and greenies”. You know what is indeed fascinating is how often I have witnessed a bully allege that they are being bullied.

The truth is that these types of men are suffering from what we could call “white fragility”. They don’t grasp their power and their privilege because the problem they face is of their own insecurity. It’s common to project onto others when we can’t face our own inner demons. Those who use the term “Virtue signalling” are inadequate, afraid cannot face up to the changing nature of identity and meaning that is essential to be a whole person. These are the frightened broflakes who cannot change their outlook or even examine themselves. Yes it’s frightening to examine our own hidden motivation but the reality is we must all seek to do so as the unexamined life is not a whole one. So next time you hear that phrase remember it will be said by a white middle aged or older male….