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And so we have it the centrist party it’s market finery clear for all. As we fade to Blair we realise that the Panama Party is in total denial that it was it’s neoliberal policy that caused the crash. It was neoliberealism tbst begat Farage, Brexit and Trump. We can’t go back as the world has changed. The three Tories fleeing to the millionaire Streatham boy reveal it’s and his true nature. It’s not centrist it’s market based and it worships at the shrine of the narcissist without roots. They believe in privatisation and all that links them is hatred of Corbyn. If they were consistent in asking for a Second vote after 2016…they forget that they were elected in 2017 on a Socialist manifesto. So give the eight a chance to join the dots and call by elections. If they do not then begin the process of recall…give us a true people’s vote…Anna Soubry endorses Osbourne’s austerity policies and all becomes clear…what is this strange political beast slouching towards Jerusalem?

The government has now further eroded it’s majority and will fall soon. At least we hope they will support a no confidence motion in the Maybot. But the question is do they fear Corbyn more? Or a no deal Brexit? They have the choice and must answer to history.

The fate of Blair and Alistair Campbell will be most interesting. As Labour moves to fast track candidates for the eight seats the drama unfolds…and the Tories turn purple and we see the emergence of a true socialist party…the Peoples Vote campaign whithers away as the egos grow. The only choice now is between an even harder purple Brexit and a milder Labour one. The fault lines break through and as Socialism faces a Purple Tory Party we await the Gramschian paradigm shift. The Panama independent seed will fall upon a stony soil. It was their policies that turned millions away from politics and ironically they will now become the midwives of a Corbyn government. The left is near power as the X6 moves through the Hafod and I smile at the unforseen Weberian consequences of historical events…The Left is about to fight the battle of it’s life…Socialism or Barbarism is now the only choice.. remember the fate of the SDP..and sweat..