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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.When I was a child growing up in the late sixties, seventies and early eighties the facility to record your favourite TV programmes was only really available to a select rich few. As a consequence TV shows to increase more publicity (and of course revenue) would go back to an earlier medium to drum up interest….books.

A lot of these TV tie-ins were merely literary versions of TV episodes. Some though were stand alone novels in their own right

Whilst it still occurs today (particularly for things like Dr Who and Star Trek) it’s not as widespread as it was then given the ability to purchase the actual programmes as well as fan fiction.

I give this admittedly brief history because the latest book I’ve read was this.

Michael Avallone – The Birds of A Feather Affair

Now why did I buy this? Especially as I’ve never seem the series? Well curiosity was one reason. But price was the other (20p).

This was what sometimes constituted equality when I was a child. Get a successful male series Batman, Superman etc and then get a “girl” version of the success. There were of course exceptions to this but this is how it worked a lot of the time.

So the depictions of women were mixed. The Girl From UNCLE April Dancer is resourceful and intelligent but she and another female character seem to have schoolgirl crushes on male figures. . Another female character has a body “built for bed” (I laughed at that – Presumably if the character was Swedish she’d have been self assembly) but she is no bimbo.

It was a quick read. Finished in a couple of hours. Not terrible but not great either. As if a snack before a proper meal, which makes me think (I don’t know) that this was an episode from the series. Of course the downer in such books is when you could work out the big reveal before it is revealed and in this I did.

It was a nostalgic read for some of the TV tie-ins I read as a kid. But to be honest I can’t say much more for it.

Until the next time.