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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.The story so far. Have watched Fools Rush In starring Matthew Perry and Selma Hayak as part of my little mad exercise to watch as I come home late from work to watch a film randomly selected to cross off on the Radio Times Film Guide 2013 as I’m eating a microwave meal.

I like it (amongst only three of the fourteen movies I’ve seen I’ve liked). I write about it on this blog. There we are then.

But up pops Valentine’s day. I’m working on that day but I know what to buy the wife. Fools Rush In. A romcom I liked. Not Richard Curtis Love Actually nothing. There we are sorted.

Now read on….

For today (Monday) was the day that the wife actually saw the movie with me.

The omens were not good. Wife had cooked a turkey curry which was fine but left us all bloated. Afterwards she suddenly acquired a heavy cold from I don’t know who (not me folks).

But you know what? She liked it.

And there is something else to say as well. It actually improved on second viewing. Something I really did not expect.

At the end of the film I raised my arms as if in triumph “I am the Film Whisperer of this family!” I announced. For the last time I had to pick a film to watch was at Christmas. We had bought Netflix for the month and that particular day my wife, daughter, mother and me were arguing over what film to watch. The main blockage to a simple choice was the obviously swarthy rugged macho features of yours truly……..especially when I take my glasses off to clean them.

Well I picked the Mel Brooks movie Robin Hood Men In Tights. A great film which if when we watched it is a guide gave people of all ages a good time.

So there is a track record now. Wife asked how I picked Fools Rush In. I could have said that in trying to randomly watch movies pre 2013 to cross off a film guide this was the next movie in the next channel on the TV from the last one I watched.

Instead I said I just was monitoring suitable films for Valentine’s Day…..ho hum.

Until the next time.