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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well as I start writing this it’s 3:15am. Let’s be clear here. I have the day off (four actually mind you I’ve worked the previous ten). I could wake up at any time I want but I’ve woken up three??!!!

The sleeping gods are very unhappy with me today.

The Brexit timetable is dominating the news as we see what clowns or perhaps even worse are in the two main Westminister parties at the moment. Few things move me away from it though one of them is what’s happening March 9 when Cardiff City FC play West Ham. I have the day off (good news) but am facing the invisible timetable that I don’t know when the tickets that Cardiff season tickets haven’t bought will be available. So the situation as to whether I’ll be able to be the quiet one amongst the bluebirds fans is unresolved.

I do hope I can get a ticket. West Ham are one of the few things that could make me forget about Brexit. Indeed it’s probably the only thing that brings me to a state best described as ten year old happy (when of course they win).

In the world of Welsh Twitter the issue Brexit aside that has seen to dominate is the latest drama from BBC Wales Pitching In which I chatted about recently where people were angry about the depiction of Wales based on the trailer of the show set in a trailer park alone. Well I’ve seen the episode now and it’s even worse than the trailer suggested.

I won’t bore you by repeating myself here. Except that my theory that the casting director is English and living in England so only can hear one Welsh accent holds water (in case you wonder why I haven’t checked it, well it’s a bit stalkery if you ask me).

BBC Wales needs to avoid making cliché Wales productions like this if it wants to represent the nation. It’s no coincidence I think that the standout drama shows from Wales (even those with English/Welsh versions) are those instigated by the Welsh language channel S4C.

Just registered for a People’s Pension Webinar on February 28th. Yes I’m of an age now when it’s not far away.

Am I one who is getting irritated by Kindle books on Amazon. That’s to say those books that Mr Bezos promotes seemingly constantly by email etc. Am I the only one who is comfortable enough to read a book on a Kindle but disturbed when the book seems to be only on a Kindle?

Speaking of Amazon they have cancelled a subscription to Amazon Prime because the card (which was a prepay card anyway ) was out of date. Thing is I hadn’t realised I clicked onto join it. Not particularly bothered except it reminds me to be careful for the future.

Alexa has just reminded me (it’s 6:15 now)about Easy Yoga. An app that I downloaded out of curiosity. But as my left foot hurts I think I’ll leave it for another day…..and relax.

Anyway time to go back to sleep now. Thankfully the urge to zzzz has caught up on me.

Until the next time.