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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I’m working today, Valentine’s day (ahh) but amazingly I will be off this Saturday (unusual for me) so thought it would be best to have a belated Valentine’s night in with the wife having a meal I’d have cooked (Pasta bake. Don’t get your hopes up. Still I’d have cooked it) and watching a Romcom later that I would have purchased from Amazon online.

But therein lies the rub. What film? I downloaded a fav of hers Four Weddings and A Funeral for her last year and like the other Richard Curtis vehicle Love Actually it’s a film I dislike for being well packaged nothing. So you see being a man and picking a romcom is not easy.

I did think it would be mind you. My favourite Romcom even before I met the wife is the George Clooney/Michelle Pfeiffer movie One Fine Day. It’s a favourite of mine if only because it seemed to be about realistic people falling in love with the special guest star being New York city. Far better than When Harry Met Sally which when I saw it gave me the impression it was co written by candyfloss.

So I purchase it online through Amazon Video to watch on the TV on Saturday. Or rather that was the intention. For it’s not available.

I mean how could this be? I mean any movie/TV series nowadays seems to be available for sale. Even as I was trawling the German version of Three Men and A Baby. And certainly one with the George/Michelle axis should be there. But no.

So the search properly begins.

Realised as I was trawling through these films that in a lot of them the plot seems in essence to start as follows. Woman gets dumped. Woman tries to get away from her past in one way or another and then discovers man who is different from those she’s dated in the past. Initially they dislike each other but…..

Well I had no intention of watching that sort of same old same old movie.

And how the woman “escapes” is stretched as well. In one she stays in her bedroom until some free spirits (which back in the day used to be called hippies) move in. In another the woman goes all Marie Kondo and minimalist until the free spirit of her sister and her daughter turned up.

Very close to being picked was a movie called How We Met starring no one I’ve ever heard of in which a disastrous first date gets even wilder after a policeman is killed (and it gets even wilder than that). Its seemed different enough and would have been my choice if I hadn’t remembered…..

….Fools Rush In. The film I’ve chatted about before in this blog re my mad exercise in watching all the movies in  the Radio Times Film Catalogue 2013 starring Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek.

I liked it. I know the wife will like it. And given that it’s about an American and Mexican getting along I know Donald Trump wouldn’t like it. So it’s a win, win, win and downloaded.

Next year though. I suspect the search will be even tougher.

Until the next time.