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This graffiti in Llandaff North may look like a work of art.

But it has attracted anger because of where it was painted – next to local homes.

The wall backs onto a path leading to Hailey Park. Originally, there was a legal graffiti wall in the area across from the properties. But when a Lidl supermarket was built the wall was knocked down and graffiti artists have been using this wall ever since.

The old legal wall was on the right of the path before it was demolished – now graffiti is being sprayed alongside houses on the left.

Local resident, Jonathon Thomas, says the graffiti on the wall is illegal.

“Before the Lidl arrived there was another wall which was legal and the residents were happy with that, but since people have come in assuming that this wall is the legal site.

Resident Jonathon Thomas is unhappy.

“It’s not, it’s the side of my property.

“We’ve come out late at night before and even during the day and there’s kids there with spray paint cans.

“It’s not our job to be asking them to stop… it should be the job of the police.”

It’s still unclear whether the wall is registered as a legal graffiti area.

Residents say if the wall is legal then they need to be consulted.

Cardiff Council have been approached for comment.