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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I never thought I’d have any connection with Donald Trump. I’m not head of any country, I don’t have hair that defies gravity whatever the weather and property development for me is when I’ve put up a table from IKEA.

But now it appears I’m with him on the musical Hamilton. Which I’ve grown to dislike even though I’ve never seen it. Why? Well it’s nothing to do with my general shrug of the shoulders when it comes to musicals. The last I saw was in fact Wicked last summer in London. It was a) weird b) almost an opera and c) linked to a) not the sort of musical where you’d be singing a tune as you were walking out of the theatre.

Well blame daughter who hasn’t seen it either but who loves the music. Even on a school morning which involves diplomacy:

“Time to get up”

Gunboat diplomacy: “If you don’t move I’m confiscating your Ipod”

and transportation as I’m driving her to school she keeps on repeating those songs over and over and over…

and over and over…


And in those days where I’m picking her up from school then it starts again….and again…..and…well you get the drift.

So for me you see it’s hatred through repetition.

Many songs have now been unwelcomingly embedded into my brain like musical tinnitus. One in particular sung apparently by Hamilton’s sister in law/wife comes to mind with lines like “my heart goes boom” and”Thankyou for your service”.

And now Daughter’s discovered YouTube videos about it and can’t wait to tell me things about the show.

“The same woman plays Hamilton’s wife and mistress”. “Really?” I answer. Not feigning at all my lack of interest. Gone are the days I felt honour bound to watch things on the TV she asked me to watch with her. Disney channel comedies like Hanna Montana (awful) , The Wizards of Waverley Place (Not bad) and The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody (the worse by far. But of course none designed for me so doesn’t matter what I think here).

But things have got worse. Wife likes has become a fan as well and is talking with daughter of going to London to see it. Well fine…but not with me. Even in married and parental life there are limits.

Until the next time.