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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I mentioned in a previous post Marcus Chown in his book about science described it as an attempt to describe science to the man on the number 25 bus. Well as I continued reading Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder by Dave Barter an amateur cyclist and cycle writer I realised that this was the cycling equivalent as he explains through a series of what were originally articles his love and experiences on life riding two wheels.

(Though of course if he did explain it to me on the number 25 bus I would have to ask why he was on a bus in the first place)

I loved this book. And what I realised reading it was that the thing it had that Mr Chown’s book missed. A sense of humour.

Here was a man in love with cycling. But was not afraid to show us the down moments either. Not afraid to explain the moments that he looked a fool. He rejoices in being a passionate amateur of the sport he loves.

Did it make me want to go on a bike after decades off the saddle? No. And he might consider that a failure. But whilst I was reading his book I felt like a cyclist so in that sense the book is a major success. In fact the best book I’ve read so far this year (though as it’s early February that’s not much of a recommendation).

Perhaps the better praise is this. If I wasn’t fifty five but twenty five I might have been tempted to try cycling again after reading his book. Many people whether cyclists or not will enjoy it and many people will be inspired to give the two wheels a go after reading it. By treating cycling with passion but also a sense of realism and fun I suspect many readers after reading Mr Barter have found their go to writer on the subject,

I’m so old I can remember when Britain regularly did well in the Eurovision Song contest. Yes I’m that old.

A reason added a few days back as to why I’m not a cyclist, amateur or not, is that my back has started to hurt me. Have no idea why but the small of back began to inflict pain so much so that I was wandering around as if auditioning for Planet Of The Apes.

I get this from time to time. Not enough that it stops me from going to work but enough that it makes its presence felt. A couple of days back daughter was off for a trip to London with the school. She wondered why I wasn’t properly saying goodbye as she was leaving. Only when raising myself from the settee (propped up behind me by a few cushions) did she realise I was not 100% as I was struggling to do so.

The best relief so far from this pain has actually been driving. As the seatbelt strapped against me seems to have worked wonders. That is until I arrive at my destination and take the belt off. Let’s say my exit from the mighty Kia Picanto is not graceful.

I am getting better. But the feeling is still there. So any thoughts of trying out the high jump will have to be put on the back burner for now.

Remember a few posts back I was pitching in about the new BBC Wales drama Pitching In which got a lot of people’s backs up by the trailer alone? Well BBC Wales have got a natural history series coming soon. Fair enough for those into wildlife and that sort of thing (not I must admit me). But the title is Wales: Land of the Wild. Might just be a bit picky here but does sound cliché Wales if you ask me.

By the way I intend to watch that Pitching In programme either Tuesday or Wednesday on recording. I’ll chat about it then. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the trailer suggested. We shall see.

Until the next time.