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February political moments written on tbe X6 bus. And as the economy begins to nose dive the screams of the hard right Brexiteers becomes more shrill. As Jacob Rees Mogg becomes more the darling of the far right and the religious theocratic tendency that collated around him the cold of the February chill creeps into our bones and our tolerant selves. Anna Soubry rails at the growing consciousness of bigotry and raw nationalism sweeping over the Tory Party.. what will it take for them to break out from the Tories?
Rumours abound that her and others are in contact with Vince Cable. Meanwhile the right of the Labour Party begin once more to raise the anti-semiticism issue. Their methods are predictable and occur every time Labour lead in the polls. They realise they cannot get rid of Corbyn so they shift their attacks to Jennie Fornby and to others.. Their allies scour social media for anything Corbyn ever said that can be misrepresented. And In any picture of centrism and it’s activities we see the bald head of Steven Kinnock bobbing up and down and reflecting the lights of camera flashes. Their methods become increasingly less powerful each time. And every time a minor opinion poll appears showing Labour fading and each time this is a rogue poll and an outlier. Each month a claim is made that Labour’s members are falling but each time I find that membership is rising… It’s predictable and tiresome. Are we about to see a new centre grouping on the centre right that is pro European and pro buisness? Are we about to see an unpleasant blue kipper hard right party that is xenophobic , anti European and socially conservative? A party of Bluekipper..Calvinistic bell ends and nub ends of far right hallucinations and fantasies? Will this be the inverted 80s where the right is split and Labour are in power for a generation?

Rumours abound of numerous Brexit deals and other akternative arrangement that will soon become Labour European policy. A new international financial crisis will propel the left to power throughout Europe . The change is coming and it may well be that Labour will come to power for a generation. It is essential that the reforms within the Labour Party continue. It is essential that one member one vote becomes the basis of the party. It becomes essential tbat all members make policy and that mandatory re-selection is seen as both essential and necessary. The coming Socialist government will require support inspiration and awareness from the rest of the left. And it will never again allow a political milieu to happen that led to the rise of Farage and UKIP. It was Blair who was the midwife of Ukipery. The destruction of ideology , social justice and class awareness that led to a collapse of faith in progressive and reforming politics. It was Blair who has created the core conditions that led to a denigration of expertise, hope and self understanding. It’s time for hope not hate. It’s time to have confidence and to understand that the blind dead hand of the price mechanism and market mechanism is a monstrosity. The NHS the Education System and the Transport system are not businesses thet are services. It’s time to take on board a citizens income as a fundamental policy. The right fades as robotics, big data and social media change everything. The logic of a post industrial society will mean that vast numbers of people will have no jobs and no conventional economic activity. We must soon recognise that citizenship is more far more than economic value. We must educate empower and enable those who face the consequences of economic and technological change. We either build an Ecosociallist society or we face barbarism.. we all know that the logic of the alt right in the 30s led to the gas chamber and the concentration camp.. that Climate change will not be solved by the ‘free market’ or by hyper capitalism..and that refugees will sweep the world driven by the climate change effects. So If we do not solve the problems in the next generation then we will face a human eternal night. There are no excuses any more.. it’s getting late…