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One of the things that makes me laugh the most is when people start saying things like don’t lecture me on Christianity….I am not a believer myself in terms of conventional religion. However I must tell you I have an A level in scripture I can quote large sections of Biblical texts….I have a detailed knowledge of the Abrahamic traditions…Many of the people who lecture me are often unaware of the shared roots of Judaism , Christianity and Islam.I have a degree in Social Anthropology and was particularly interested in the role of symbolism, the development of the Torah, the Old Testament, and the New . I am aware of the historical cultural context in which Christianity emerged and the nature and development of Christian Theology . I teach the philosophy of religion …So when you tell me not to attack your Christianity please have the honesty to admit that you are really saying that it is your interpretations of Christianity. What you mean depends far more on your code words for particular brand of discourse that’s thinks Christianity means White Caucasian culture and prejudice ….And that you have no experience of the multicultural origins of Western Christianity…If the Romans had not had a citizenship open to all…It would have been impossible for St Paul to travel the Empire or St Augustine to have such perfect Latin or for us to have cultural awareness….