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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.You may remember I’ve chatted about the closure of public conveniences in the Bridgend area due to cuts by the local Labour council which they blame on the Welsh Labour national government in Cardiff.

Welsh Labour blaming Welsh Labour folks.

Well one of the towns involved, Porthcawl has, in the words of the local paper have now found “relief” as the town council are going to take over the running of the public convenience there. Hurrah for Porthcawl

But again it brings into focus the fact that there is no relief for Bridgend Town. The toilets there are closed and there are no signs it will reopen.

So again Bridgend Town is caught short. Not just in comparison with other towns in South Wales but also other towns in it’s own area.

This is really manslaughter through neglect. A drip, drip of decline where when you step back you realise is an absolute torrent. As I’ve explained before, this is due to the arrogant incompetence of Welsh Labour.

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru shadow economy minister Rhun Ap Iorweth has contacted and will be meeting Ford in Bridgend in the light of their announcement of substantial job losses in the engine plant. More than the local Labour AM Carwyn Jones appears to have done. I’ve also suggested he should walk round the town beforehand so he can understand the urban tragedy Labour have caused and how these redundancies will make the situation even worse.

One of the headlines in the BBC News website here is that in a survey the greatest searches for anti-Semitic phrases on the internet is here in Wales. The picture then is of a rise of intolerance.

And yet.

When you read the report there were just 170,000 such searches in the disunited  Kingdom as a whole for the period from 2004-2018!. I’m not saying anti-Semitism doesn’t exist in Wales but really this proves nothing and certainly does not deserve the headline status the BBC gave it. Unsure why that was as well.

At last the snow situation for me has reduced to being picturesque and from a distance. The only good thing about it was that for a while it made me forget about Brexit.

But let’s talk about Brexit. I was tweeting on Brexit just this morning when I got a Direct Mail response from a follower in England saying how much he was against it. Thing is. He went the Direct Mail route for fear of being attacked by Brexiteer internet trolls.

Britain today folks.

Until the next time.