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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I am writing on a Thursday morning. I’m looking out to a dull but dry sky. I know it won’t last long.

Because I know the weather forecast. Particularly the forecast for Bridgend where I work and what was earlier in the week forecast as sleet has now turned into snow. Heavy snow at that.

And I will be at work.

Working the afternoon evening shift as I do the timing of the snowfall could not be worse. If it came in the morning then fine. I could ring work and say I couldn’t make it and that would be the day sorted.

But reality bites. Oh rather comes down in big white cold blobs in the evening rush hour. So potentially come ten o’clock when I’m due to leave I might be snowbound given the journey home takes normally forty minutes and does involve going through country roads.

One of three things will occur.

1) It’ll either be sleet or just a little dusting of snow meaning that I’ll be able to drive home albeit slowly.

Unlikely though. Have you noticed weather forecasters are rarely wrong when forecasting bad weather.

2) The snow will be heavy enough that the best option is to stay at work for the night and leave when it’s daylight tomorrow.

3) The snow will be dangerous even on Friday. So as I’ll be working on that day as well it’ll mean I’ll be bored to the death until my shift starts then.

Of course it’ll mean I’ll be unshaven and unkempt. And I’ll need a new pair of boxer shorts as well…..

So if you don’t see a post from me tomorrow. That’ll mean I’m snowbound in Bridgend tonight.

Doesn’t really have a romcom ring to it does it?

Until the next time.