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Waiting for “Brexot” .. . And so it’s clear a majority for an amendment that deplores no deal has been passed. But we still stagger to the edge of a precipice.. the truth is simply that the unity of the Tory Party is elevated above all else… meanwhile the spectacle moves on above all we are battered by Brexit overload . And we are all sick at heart…something is rotten in the British tbe Tories vote for a deal that does not exist with a Europe that says it’s impossible created by a PM who said a new deal was impossible…psychosis is the order of the day…these are the days of denial.

The blood full moon wanes as the right raves and dies. .So we all look to the future. The hard moronic; vicious Brexuteers begin to realise that you can check out anytime but you can never leave . The party claiming sovereignty gives it all away during the transition period we won’t have any say in anything that the EU decide in the months of transition. What is the point any more in this government ? We lose sovereignty so that the 35 headbangers of the lunatic Brexit right lead us Alice like into a perverse and Brechtian wonderland. The truth is that Theresa May can no longer deliver anything any more. She has ruled too long…..the Kippers are dead and the left prepare to assume power A dieing government condemned by ego and the spectre of the Far Right A party of brutality supported by the relics of 16th century Calvinism rules over us. The Tory membership is old bigoted and outnumbered 7 to 1 by Labour. The end comes now , a vibrant left is reborn , and New Labour seem as imaginary as the Unicorn or the Gryphon. As the paradigm shifts and the interpretation changes Winter returns. In other areas sexism, patriarchy misogyny transphobia and gay discrimination are challenged and dissolve into air.. all things change and old certainties are removed.. the wolf moon wanes as old forms break down. This is the return of the repressed…the liberation of the left out.. and an understanding of the nature of change…this is enantiodromia.. the establishment is terrified….and a new world waits to be born…and there is a world to win…a spectre haunts the UK ..