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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.You know something rather remarkable happened on Sunday. It was about quarter past eleven and I was in the shower. Wife was out and daughter had just woken up following the habits of most teenagers the world over.

After finishing showering and getting dressed I went into the kitchen finding daughter  preparing a brunch of tinned spaghetti garnished with pepperami on a bed of waffles.

Now my first thought was to be surprised by her resourcefulness given she’d only just woken up. My second thought though was that should it come to pass that come the 29th of March we would approaching a long dark Brexit of the soul then this will seem like cosmopolitan cooking.

The other thing that happened was that the wife has now come round to the idea that stockpiling is necessary. Those articles talking about martial law and food shortages post Brexit have at last hit home. I have been slowly stockpiling food as I’ve discussed before but this now meant it could be done together.

So I made a list. A list of things that will be needed to stockpile for about a month should the long dark Brexit of the soul occurs. I should incidentally state that if there’s some eventual deal then a quarter will go to the nearest foodbank. And the thought needs to mentioned here. What will happen to the families who needs if there’s a food shortage for the entire country anyway? You think martial law is going to stop civil unrest? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. A hungry people will be an angry people.

The list will eventually be on the pages section of the blog. Tomorrow on my way back from work (weather permitting) I’m going to get a few plastic crates to put them in from the 24 hour Tesco in Cardiff.

And yet for some people Brexit, or rather it’s effects, are seemingly a fairy tale. I was at the barbers this morning. That’s the barber who I chatted about last month who was a leave supporter. He was cutting the hair of a small boy whilst chatting to people I presumed were his grandparents.

He asked whether they were going anywhere for the holidays. The response was that they were going to their retreat in France. It was apparently once a bakery but, if I understood the conversation correctly they had done it up.

The barber mentioned that he was going to be off to the Canary Islands.

I listened to this and was thinking of saying “Listen. We live in a country where food shortages and martial law are not beyond the bounds of possibility and you’re talking about holidays? And if you go on holiday do you know you’re going to have to pay money for a visa? Do you?

Needless to say I actually said nothing.

And the thing is this. I might be very, very wrong but this couple seemed like the very cliché of Brexit supporters. The sort of people who go union jack in any argument but also have a holiday home in a country belonging to the very organisation Britain is about to leave.

The barber asked me later whether I had made any holiday plans to which I said no. For reasons too personal to explain here holidays will be unlikely this year and I’ll have to think about where we should go next year.

Later I went to the local store.

Brexit Stockpiling Continued

Britain today folks.

Until the next time.