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MONDAY..political thoughts …I finally got round to watch channel 4’s “Brexit the uncivil war’. It was part paradoy but very insightful. It clearly showed why the centrist campaign of Remain failed. It also made me think that the Peoples Vote campaign is making exactly the same mistakes. Leave won because it recognised that millions of people felt left out by the centrists who had ruled for so long. Brown’s Cleggs and Cameron’s advisors had the same assumptions and axioms of thefree market and of the same paradigm. Leave won because it engaged the left behind and through the works of Cambridge Analytica it saw links that no one else had seen. It was clear that leave behaved with Machaevellian cynicism. It did not need to access racism as that was being accessed by the Farage Banks campaign. Leave merely needed to access others to get itself over the victory line. There was an invented scene where the Director of Leave had a drink with the Director of Remain. Both concluded that they both were the problem.. Leave wanted to smash the system in a Nietzche like way and the other preserve the centrist paradigm. Both left fearing what they had made in their deadly game of alchemy. Of course the biopic showed that Cambridge Analytica were using Brexit as the petrie dish for the Trump campaign. And I have a sickening thought that perhaps the horrendous murder of Jo Cox prevented a 60 to 40 victory for leave. I suspect that a second referendum would have leave winning by 20% . The centre has learnt nothing. And it was a clear indication that the Clinton campaign was defeated in the same way.. perhaps those clinging to the ideas of the Peoples Vote campaign could reflect on these observations.

Yet out of these two campaigns came the astonishing contribution of Jeremy Corbyn in June 2017. The centrist assumptions have been defeated and a Socialist Labour Party has emerged. The centre and the superstructure of the state are thrown everything at him and yet in all these situations a solid 40% support a radical socialust programme. May exists in power simply to hold up Labour’s seizure of it. I feel the paradigm shift. Whatever They tell you know that Labour’s membership is rising by a thousand week.. It’s not if Corbyn wins it’s now win.. The Maybot uses project fear, hints are made about possible martial law and preparations for good and medical shortages. It will effect some but a clear majority know what is happening.

The problem comes from the xenophobic and racist assumptions of Banks and Farage.. It is now mutating under the dark alchemy of Tommy Robinson and Gerrard Batten..When the left comes to power we will be facing the hard far right approach of the street gangs . We have seen how Diane Abbot has been treated and that is a dry run for the coming general election and resistance to the future Corbyn government. The middle of the road is irrelevant and we are nearing the time of choice. In the balanced atmosphere of the general election where proper balanced reports are enacted…and the Corbyn campaign reaches its apogee Labour will add 7 to 8 percentage points to it’s support. There is a mighty reckoning coming and it won’t be long or far away. The unintended consequences of Brexit and Trump will be a Corbyn majority government. The last resistance to socialism will be from the far right …but let us remember from history that it was the German Centre Party that voted for the enabling laws giving Hitler final power. It was also the industrialists who backed Hitler wanting him to eliminate the Left. We learn much from history and there is nothing new under the sun….The next election will not just be about Brexit and millions know it….We are at a point where only a Labour government could negotiate a soft Brexit and then put that to the electorate. Time is running out and democracy is at risk. The Far right is gathering and the stench of Weimar is in my nostrils..