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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I have noticed the idea floated on Twitter and now in the Telegraph newspaper that England should become an independent state. Having been the majority force in the forthcoming decoupling of itself with the European Union it should do the same with regard to the disunited kingdom as well.

It basically paints an independent England as a free trading tolerant place where women will dance around maypoles and cricket will be played in the summer.

Now whilst it’s interesting and appealing that there are some living in England that are contemplating an English independent state Wales and Scotland should be aware of another potential state of England. And why independence should be achieved as quickly as possible.

For with every day that passes England in particular seems to be moving towards the vision as set out in Derek Raymond’s dystopian novel A State Of Denmark which depicts an England under totalitarian rule.

Since Brexit what we have seen is an empowered far right. A far right who feels confident to be racist. Confident to attack anyone whose skin is different. Whose name is different. Whose nationality is different. Who speaks in a language other than English. And of course whilst these people do exist in Wales and Scotland it seems their main focus is England.

And remember this. Whilst the majority anti conservative vote in Wales and Scotland has never stopped a Tory government it has always been a cornerstone against it. When they become independent, (and they will) then England will be likely run by a Conservative administration, one that will become even more right wing and potentially fascist.

Should this stop Welsh and Scottish independence? No. If anything it should encourage people to speed the process up more in order to avoid being dragged into the state of Denmark. A fascist Britain could still occur with Wales and Scotland in it. It would just be more difficult.

And if England did become totalitarian then Wales and Scotland should prepare for people preparing to cross the border even if the regime tries to block them (in the novel the border was mined). Of course the great irony here is that whilst people in the West and the North of England will try to reach Wales and Scotland respectively people in the East and the South will try and reach EU nations by sea.

(Let me be clear here so I’m not called a hypocrite refugees from oppression should be accepted)

You may say that it couldn’t happen here. Well it’s unlikely to happen. But as we approach Brexit no one can honestly now say that it won’t happen.

And that’s the difference.

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