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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.When you work in shift work there are times when there’s mail etc you have to look into but on returning at 10:40 as I do you’re too hungry and half asleep to look at them properly until the following morning.

Such a time is now. I’m looking at daughter’s school report (parents’ evening is next week) and the surveyor’s report on the house we’re hoping to purchase.

The daughter’s school report is obviously extremely private. Let’s just say I’m not throwing cups across the room in anger.

The surveyor’s report does raise questions that our solicitor will need to revert to their solicitor on. But at the moment not enough for us to walk away thankfully.

I’ve noticed a tendency from Welsh Labour to tweet when further bad news re the Welsh economy  because of Brexit. Most recently the news from Airbus. Let’s be clear here. Welsh Labour are hypocrites. They were the ones happy to throw their powers away to Theresa May of all people. So moaning about watching all the Brexit issues from the sidelines whilst peoples’ lives are being affected does not wash on me. They should fight for Wales not be meek for it.

Book time. Given the extremely sad situation with regard to Emiliano Sala it may be difficult to believe that the next ebook to randomly emerge from my Kindle was Earnie My Life at Cardiff City by Robert Earnshaw who played for them in the nineties. But it was.

It was as I remember the paperback copy in the “Quick Reads” series of books so it’s really the equivalent of having a prawn cocktail as a starter in a restaurant. If you’re interested in Welsh football, or a Cardiff City fan then it’s OK without setting the world on fire. The most interesting parts occur when he talks about the time Sam Hammam was chairman of the club. He liked Hammam which surprised me.

I’ve read archaeological book in this blog and didn’t like it. I didn’t like Rambles of an Archaeologist Among Old Books And In Old Places by F W Fairholt either. But I’ll give F W a pass. The book has a lot of illustrations in it which might have helped me understand what he was writing about. But this public domain (ie free copy) didn’t have it. So I’ll let it be.

Anyway wife awake. Time to chat about reports.

Until the next time.