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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.This is to be honest more of a marker than it is a post. But we are literally on Brexit Eve and for the first time I’m beginning to slowly notice changes that are emerging in the shops. So I thought it was worth chatting about it.

I’d mention before about stocking up on Lavazza instant coffee. Am wondering now whether it’s on offer (still is) because it’s a classic Italian brand. Come Brexit it will revert to the image it was in the seventies, that of a niche product sold expensively.

But there’s more.

My local One Stop Shop (which is, it needs to be noted, owned by Tesco) was selling the Kelloggs Variety packets at £1. So in the absence of croissants I bought them. Only later did I realise that the packaging was in English and Hebrew. This is the sort of thing Poundland and B & M do. Buy a “foreign” consignment of familiar brands at a bargain price and sell it cheaply. I’m not bothered by that. What bothers me is that a corner shop chain felt it needed to do this as well.

And then there’s my local LIDLs in Barry. Presumably they along with Aldi are looking forward in a way to Brexit as people will seek the cheapest food possible but even they seem to have changed. They never had a large selection of tinned fruit but when I went there on Monday that seemed to have been reduced to the barest minimum.

Also a lot of the food and drink on the bargain shelves seem to be best described as “continental” (I bought more of the Polish biscuits).

So as I said this is more of a marker than a post. But it would appear that the shape of things to come is slowly beginning to make it’s appearance.

Until the next time.