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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.

I haven’t chatted about using the school run as reading time for a while. Largely because doing shift work the opportunity is less than it was. So the chances of my teenage daughter impressing her friends with her cool dad with his slightly off white (ie slightly dirty) Kia Picanto consequently reduces.

But today I was doing the school run. And as I was in the situation where it was pointless to return to the apartment I found myself forty five minutes before daughter was about to turn out because she was in an after school club.

So there was I alone in the car and needing a book for company. Luckily I’d been to the library earlier and this is what I borrowed.

A Suitable Title for the Weather We’ve Been Having

I cannot say I’ve ever read a lot about Iceland. Not because of any lack of loving feeling about snow, Or some sort of Viking aversion. No simply because of so many books so little time. In fact the last time I remember reading about Iceland (the book about Bobby Fischer’s World Chess Victory aside) was the seventies Desmond Bagley thriller Running Blind.

And so I start reading it. About fifteen minutes afterwards when the bulk of the schoolkids are set free I’m still reading it undistracted until I hear in mid conversation four words I would never expect a teenage boy to say.

“….a well balanced diet….”

It makes me look up. The speaker is a tall young man. I guess 17 – 18. He isn’t fat. What would make him mention that to his friends? For a moment I wish I’d heard the start of the conversation. But they walk away. The moment is gone.

A boy walks in front of the car and falls down in front of me. He quickly gets up, Only his pride has been hurt as there’s laughter from his mates.

The bulk of kids soon disappear. Back to the reading. But quick mention to the agency van for Virgin Media. It reminds me that Virgin are closing the Swansea Call centre this year. I’ve chatted about this before. Really they should be boycotted in Wales. Nobody really needs them and there are alternatives.

Forty minutes later and daughter arrives. She’s late.

“Not my fault”. She says defensively.

I look at the book. I’ve read seventy five pages in a relatively short space of time and I’m impressed. I want to read more. Life however has interfered. Things to do.

Icelandic crime is certainly a distraction it appears. Will chat about it properly when it’s finished.

Until the next time.