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Making plans for Nigel.J Copner….I have just heard from one of my Dire Wolves in Blaenau Gwent. It seems that one Nigel.J.Copner has resigned from Plaid. You may remember that young Nigel came within an ace of winning a constituency seat from Labour in the Assembly elections in 2016. Nigel went on to become the Treasurer of Plaid but resigned and in July of last year claimed that his constituency party was told that if they supported Rhun Ap Nuclears campaign to become Plaid leader they would lose financial support from Plaid.. Nigel was part of the sequence of events that led to the fall of Leanne Wood in September of last year’s leadership election . Nigel comes from a populist school of politics and I am told that allegedly he only joined Plaid in 2014 or 2015. His approach and his pats have given me much cause for concern in recent months. In one post he implies a link between migrants and terrorism and in another asks us to deal with our homeless first. His UKIP lite approach is quite clear and very disturbing . I am very surprised that no body in Plaid has appears to have noticed or commented.

On Nigel’s Facebook he has announced that he is resigning from Plaid and cites differences over Europe and clearly states that he does not support Welsh Independence. This is very odd considering the clear aim of Adam Price for an independent Wales. Interestingly his third reason states that he is a busy man and has little time for Plaid’ s concerns. My intuition suggest to me that at long last someone in Plaid has perhaps woken up to the populist and racist sub text implied by his recent social media activity. In them he posts from the Telegraph implying that both Corbyn and Plaid are soft on terrorism. I have screen shots of both these posts and will be making them available at the end of this post.. I can’t help feel that when high profile candidates descend on parties like Plaid and the Lib Dems that these Messiahs have very little or no loyalty to the philosophy or true nature of these parties. In fact the phrase “As ambitious as Lucifer and as cold as a lizard” comes to mind. As I observed the rise of Nigel I wondered what loyalty he had to anyone or party he had other than to himself. I almost felt that his pandering to a UKIP lite approach said all that was necessary. I suspect that he used a “McEvoy” populist tool kit. But I guess t hst even Prince Neil would have the political sophistication not to pander to an implied racism.

It’s clear that Nigel will now be looking for a new political home. I feel that while he clearly like a UKIP approach that this would be incompatable with academic life as a Professor at the University of South Wales. I suspect therefore such a rising star of the morning would be most suited to the dark id and shadow of Ein Gwlad. I am also a little concerned that some of my comrades within Blaenau Gwent Labour Party know of Nigel’s pedigree. An ambitious man may well seek membership of the local council. I will also contact the local Momentum group. One McEvoy is unfortunate, two would be a disaster. Watch this space my dire wolves and little birds are everywhere..

 I read the tweet by Jac o tbe North accusing Leanne Wood of bullying him. And as I reflect on Jacs adulation of Neil McEvoy I remember the questions about Neil McEvoy that I asked last year. . ” I ask myself some simple questions…why would 20.000 people sign a petition about him.? I ask myself why after 10,000 years of patriarchy would a man be laying predominantly into strong women who work in tbe third sector.? Why would a man whi alleges virtual child abuse by charities have anything to offer? Why would a member of your staff claim to have health issues because of working with you ? Why would an entire Assembly group of politicians permantly exckude you from membership? Why would your defender’s lay into ‘wimmin and lefties’ if tbey did not fear them.? Why WOULD Sovereign Cymru SUPPORT the losthsome Gareth Bennet on his attitudes to trans rights? Why would tbey rave about the words of Darren Noccols laying into powerful women like Oprah Winfrey using words like cackling if they did not feel threatened and wanted to call them witches? Why is the growing right within Wales not reach out to him if they did not sense a fellow being who feared women? Why would they do this if there was not at best a faint trace of the bully or the misogynist in him? . Why would Plaid members send me messages saying that people were afraid to come forward because of his attack dogs on social media ? These questions do not go away and while I have experienced criticism upon social upon media and challenge it has never reached these proportions. There are too many questions and too many bitter old men defending you Neil McEvoy to make me dismuss these questions. Jac o tbe north fetes you; Sovereign Cymru celebrates you as a resistor to cultural marxism. These things do not happen by accident …I am no saint i have no excuses for my past and i have been accused of being a bully like you…however there has never been a petition of 20, 000 names and so much evidence that I see now about such claims. I wish it was different Mr McEvoy? I really do..those whom the broflakes support are not pleasing to my eyes… oh yes and one final question.Jac o the north has been running a hysterical campaign against strong women in politics and. Neil has been very critical of domestic abuse charities and Sovereign Cymru have been applauding attacks on the #Metoo campaign. Seems a link there.. any comments? Who is what informs and links all of these attacks and who would have access to information to feed this Chandleresque of the Far Right.. You might think that but I could not possibly comment or know. ?