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Hello there. hope you’re feeling well today.Well despite the distractions of Brexit this is the time of year where the first thing you check up on is the weather. Specifically whether it’s going to snow. It’s always touch and go. Mainly go. Though last year if you remember it was definitely touch. And a heavy one at that.

As things stand for this week at least Tuesday looks like the day to watch and be careful. The phrase “wintry showers” is mentioned, which I always assume to mean “it’ll snow but it won’t settle” which I can tolorate’ Still these forecasts can change daily. Yesterday the weather didn’t snow but had an ominous sheen to it.

This was on the road from Cardiff to Bridgend (I stopped on a layby for any police reading this).

The rain hammered by soon after

Meanwhile in library news this was the latest book I’ve read.

The Canon – The Beautiful Basics Of Science – Natalie Angier

This book sought to, as I understand it discuss science in the same way people would chat about films or books. Thing is whilst I look as if it was born with a white coat I’m definitely not one of life’s scientists so for me a lot of things it explained were still so above my head it needed a rocket to reach there (which as I occupy a life barely scientific I’d have no idea how to take off).

The book’s cover contains press quotes from scientists and science writers praising her, including one who stated she made the subject “sexy”. Trust me whatever I was with the book aroused was not one of them.

So in short if it sort to appeal to the lay reader it failed.

Here’s something that happened at work (remember I work in Bridgend) a few days back. A man approaches me and says “Do you live in Barry?”

“Nearby” is my response.

“Thought so. Saw you in Barry LIDLs”

And that’s happened quite a few times before as well. It always amazes me that anyone in Wales considers having an affair purely for reasons of lust and having no wish to leave their actual partner given that the chances of being caught are far greater than in say London. We’re talking about the neighbouring borough at least forty minutes away by car (assuming reasonable traffic) and I’m recognised for living in the Vale of Glamorgan.

I suppose it adds to the sense of danger.

Yesterday on BBC Radio Wales there was an interview with the political correspondent of the Western Mail about the problems Wales is having with current and future investment by companies in the country. I didn’t hear the interview but the fact they asked a journalist from the Western Mail astounded me. Because his paper and others the holding company owns (including the Wales On Sunday which I chatted about before and local papers like the Glamorgan Gazzette) are printed in England.

Boycotting the company’s publications is a pointless exercise. You can tell by how thin they’re becoming that they’re in trouble anyway. I’ve instead enquired on their website the Wales Online whether the maintenance of said site is in Wales. If it isn’t perhaps action should be taken there. We’ll chat about that if I get a response.

Until the next time.