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Lest you forget. It was the Liberal Democrats who put the Tories in power in 2010. It was the Liberal Democrats who supported and maintained austerity.. it was the Liberal Democrats who brought in the bedroom tax and began the nightmare of benefit reform.. it was the Liberal Democrats who supported the market mechanism and continued privatisation it was the Liberal Democrats who betrayed young people on tuition fees. And it was Vince Cable who supported them all. So in the final analysis it’s no surprise that they will not seek to bring down this malign government when given the chance.
They betrayed us in 2010 and will do the same again.They seek merely to replace the DUP as the lap dog of the Tory Party but that’s no surprise.. they have fulfilled that role now for over 100 years..There is no middle ground anymore and in reality there never has been. POLICY, principle and philosophy has never been something that is statistical or the product of a fixed point between two others. In every historical change the middle position has been been a defence of an ersatz prejudicial defence of the status quo. Look back on the great issues such as slavery, women’s suffrage and the tights of minorities. The moderates have had to be dragged screaming and struggling to accept the change. When change comes they centrists have nothing to offer and nothing to say. Those who congramegate around the #FBPE must be aware that without great care they will find themselves in this category. They must be aware that they could well provide a Trojan horse of Centrism that would maintain the status quo. The truth is that the Blairite and Brownite policies that led to the crisis of 2008 and all that followed. Caroline Lucas and others should take on board the warnings about which group they support when the political hegemony changes. Nothing escapes the dustbin of history when the paradigm changes. It’s a warning about the shares of Centrism and should be considered very seriously. The fate of the Liberal Democrats stuck now at one percentage point above UKIP gave been below 10% for over 10 years. Outside of Brighton and Scotland the Green Party has become little more than stuck at 1% .

The karma of the Liberal Democrats has not gone away.. We know how that ministerial cars and the trappings of power is sufficient to seduce them.. it’s always been like that. Give them CBEs and other gongs and all is forgotten. In the final analysis the Liberal Demo rats sell out and reveal the Conservative within. Fleeing to the Liberal Democrats to gain a people’s vote is like selling your soul to Mephistophiled. Like Faustus as midnight approaches you will not redeem your soul . Remember what happened Liberal Democrats on the referendum on proportional representation.. it could well happen again in a Second EU referendum. Dear Vince the kiss of Helen of Downing Street will not give you immortality it wilk give you oblivion and 600 lost deposits as you take your party back to the 1950s. You cannot escape the judgement of history..