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In some decades nothing happens in some weeks decades happen said Lenin and now we stand on the edge of the destruction of the Conservative party. There is no majority for the May deal, there is no majority for a second vote, there is no majority for a no deal and there is no majority for a no confidence vote.

We stand on the edge of the destruction of the Tory Party. We know that May will not compromise..she can’t….she won’t. The only solution is a deal that includes a permanent customs union and membership of the single market. The only way forward is to understand what remain and reform means. The Euro is in crisis and chaos and the far right walk the streets of Europe. The Tories cannot say what they would compromise on and do not want to. In the end the remainers in the Tory Party must choose between bringing down the government or accepting no deal. This is a Corn Law moment it’s like has not been since the Irish split of the 19th century. Those within the Tory Party who think and know their history feel the lietmotiv of the times.. they must destroy their party and with it themselves to prevent the fall into the abyss . As they look into the darkness the monsters of Fascism look back. How narcissistic are they? History will be tbeir judge…

We on the left must use everything possible from non violent direct action to demonstration and political resistance to bring down this zombie government. Every successful revolution begins with the kicking in of a rotten door. Something must give, something must break. Somethnig must give way. We stand in a week where decades are happening. . We are only truly alive when we are in crisis…the midnight of the century shifts rapidly to the midday.And as I write cleans of light appear above the Starving Hill….Spring is coming….Radio 4 states that the Tories move to select candidates in non winnable seat. Something begins to give …an election too is coming..