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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Sometimes you read a book thinking you’ve read variations on a theme a thousand times before even though you couldn’t quote one immediately. Such a book is The Half Life Of Hannah by Nick Alexander.

The plot in a nutshell is this. A group of British people spend a summer holiday in a French villa where emotional turmoil is unleashed.

I’ve read this sort of thing before. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. I cannot quote an example of this. Why? Because I never liked it. I block it out  Why did I buy this in the first place then? Simple. It was cheap.

What I’ve realised as I read this novel is that the reason why I don’t like Brits In A Villa stories is because of the sort of Brits who appear in them. They are upper middle class who would view austerity, homelessness or foodbanks solely from their television screens. Who really cares if their personal suburban lives are so fragile when others face far tougher times.?

And whilst this book was written in 2011 Brexit makes it worse because when the dark age arrives these are the sort of people who would be able to still afford renting a villa in the South of France. Presumably having Nigel Lawson as a neighbour.

So as I was reading this I was thinking that perhaps it fell into the category of an awful book well written as whilst I didn’t care about the characters Mr Alexander did make me want to swipe the page. But the ending even spoiled doing that as whilst I won’t go into detail let’s say things just slotted into place.

In conclusion will I read another book Mr Alexander in the future? Yes.

I’d just will look more closely at the plot first.

Until the next time.