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 In memory of Rosa Luxembourg murdered by Fascists 100 years ago today. Her critique has much to offer today. Her commitment to Animal rights and critique of Leninism is fascinating. ” Those who do not move do not know they are in chains:

And so the drama begins. What will tomorrow bring as the drama plays out a defeat for May looms and stories circulate that there will be European Elections for the UK in May. In such an election many rare and unpleasant characters could be elected. In such circumstances with the UK firmly locked into two clear social outlooks. Such an election would reflect a clear culture war between on one hand a progressive outward looking one and a xenophobic, right wing nationalistic, conservative one. These two discourses reflect Brexit Island and it’s toxic structures. In an election in May we would see the possibility of Tommy Robinson MEP and with him a cabal of Toxic Ukipery backed by the street gangs of the EDL, the DFLA and the methods of the Weimar Nazis . As we reach the 100 years anniversary of borh the murder of Rosa Luxembourg and the establishment of the Italian Fascists under Mussolini. In 2019 we have fascists in power once more in Italy, a justice minister in Austria whose party has neo~Nazi origins. In Hungary and Poland authoritarian parties if the right rule and the far right grows in Germany and France. Steve Bannon funds a neo Fascist international and the EU and Euro begins to crack. The 20s and the 30s of the 20th century is replayed. New demagogues arise, new forms of post modern fascism are created. Over o e hundred years ago Rosa Luxembourg talked of the choice between Socialism or Barbarism never has such a choice been more relevant.

The centrists offer their anodyne insipid solutions as they have over and over before. The irony is that it was centrist policies that caused the crash of 2008 as they did in 1929. Nineteenth century Liberalism loathed democracy and now in the Twenty First Century the market structures that exist are fundamentally oppimosed to it. Hayek was wrong and his dictum should read “the freer the market the more controlled and oppressed are the people. Populist or centrist each are linked to one another and the only choice is in Ross’s words Socialism or Barbarism. Remember those who do not move to not know they are in chains