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It was Blair that began it. The Alchemy of it’s conception was Thatcher’s . KInnock watered the seed but it was Blair who begat the near death of ideology. This near death stole from millions a political lens. Then in the nadir times Farage created a hybrid he grafted onto the alchemical process a crypto fascism hidden like a worm in the bud.As New Labour wilted UKIP grew and millions preferred it to the UKIP lite policies of the main parties. Cameron and Clegg watered the growing see giving it a dusting of austerity and an injection of benefit reform. The plant of Fascism flowered quickly now and it’s creators knew not of it’s true nature. They denied it; hid from it and powered the Frankenstein post modern Fascism into life.

Then Corbyn called it forth and Socialism Lazurus like rose from the tomb. The Labour party; a socialist hope and ideology grew faster than the plant of Fascism. Now the two face one another and it’s getting late. As we look on we see the faces of Blair, Clegg and Cameron become the face of the picture of Dorian Grey. They know what they had done and are still doing. Many of their acolytes still deny it and it’s getting so late as the Fascist gangs gather monster like outside parliament There is no middle ground anymore there has not been for a long time. The discourse has changed the paradigm shifts and many flee to the self created dustbin of history. The battle now is stop the face and power of Fascism. It’s a simple choice now..which side are you on? There is no denial possible it’s time to choose… It’s the only binary choice available..does another MP have to be killed by the Far Right? As James Goddard EDL activist and friend of UKIP advisor.Tommy Robinson, leads a pro Brexit Yellow Jacketed gang to hastle and abuse Owen Jones and Anna Soubry the answer is clear.. which side are you on.. It’s getting late as we chose between Krystallnacht or humane Socialism..make your choice. .It’s judgement day.

The men in the Yellow Jackets scream and shout outside Parliament. It’s not about the growing inequality, it’s not about homelessness, it’s not about universal credit or the education system or the NHS. The Far Right have a new touch stone, the shibboleth is now is a hard Brexit. They fantasize about continuing the Thatcherite revolution . It will be a hard far right Brexit . As the hard right have wet dreams about a white masculine, misogynist society they shout outside parliament like the SA outside of the Reichstag. They bully, surround and intimidate those who are different and loath their views. It has come down to this and our politics has darkened. The entryists of the far right have infiltrated the Yellow Vests and have stolen their iconography.

As Labour prepare to back a cross party amendment that will prevent a No Deal Brexit and hard Brexit has a stake pushed into it’s heart the far right gain a new level of accusation. They can enter into the sphere of the traitor accusation. I can almost imagine a new title “The January crominals” . The cries will become one of being unpatriotic of being unBritish of being told to go and live in Europe. The shaved heads, the bitterness, the fear rises and the gangs haunt the streets Those left in UKIP are being bounced into the street gangs of the far right. Robinson walks with them and his poison enters into them, his words become their own A process of Osmosis takes a authoritarian discourse deep within them. You begin to wonder if they would report you to the EDL gang that lurks in the darkness. You begin to notice how people you know say things threateningly to others that believe the same as you. You wonder what is said about you by those who just know your thoughts and outlook from social media I for one begin to seriously doubt whether those who remain with Gerard Batton and Tommy Robinson, would once the chips were down would ever defend you from the far right gangs.

I have no time for Anna Soubry but when she is jostled and accused of being a Nazi by those who use the approach and methods of Nazis I feel a great unease and fear for the future. The feeling and tinge is of an authoritarian approach. I wonder if the gangs would grow outside Parliament under a Corbyn Government. Diane Abbot as the first Black Home Secretary must worry about this. The street gangs ate growing, the language on social media is more violent and abusive. The demons released on June 23rd 2016 stalk the land and possess their bald male and bitter vessels I glance around the bus as we pass through Morriston we look tired in the reflections cast onto the rainy windows The fascists within us all are fed by projection and displacement. It’s a long way to go as a long slow Brexit drags it’s slow pace like a snake along. Attitudes from the 30s are active even the Pope sees it and walls are built both within and outside of ourselves. Yet the demons pass straight through them and the plague effects us all. We are grumpy, bitter and desperate. And Krystallnacht is reflected in our eyes..and it’s the light of Project Fear projected by a desperate Maybot and her vile, desperate government.