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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.One of the constant threads of this blog is the arrogant incompetence of the local Bridgend Labour Council and it’s effect on Bridgend Town, supposedly the biggest town in the area.

Well 2019 has not started well with the closure of the public toilets in the town as I’ve discussed before but now car parks, specifically The Rhiw car park enters the fray.

I’ve spoken about the car parks in the town before. Most people use the one by the ASDA supermarket for as long as you don’t go beyond three hours it’s free. Occasionally though it’s full and hence the need to look for another car park.

The Rhiw car park made a big deal that it’s first hour was free. I mentioned before that unless you had a specific purpose this free hour was pointless. It did not attract people into the town and thus boosting it’s economy. It should be completely free.

Well now comes news of how Bridgend Council are going to handle the car parking charges there……by taking away the free hour.

By itself it’s nothing. As explained previously most will use the ASDA car park. But as in a drip, drip effect it’s another reason not to visit the town. After all if the other car parks were free then it would be a loss leader for Bridgend as more people would (gradually) come in and spend money on the businesses there.New shops would open from the many that are empty. But no. The Council go completely the other way by stopping the small incentive they actually provided.

Why do they do this? The urban tragedy continues and by acting as it’s doing only three reasons make sense. They want to do it. They’re thick. Or they’ve just lost control of town management.

Bridgend Labour council……Supporting the community…yeah right.

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