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Well as I’m writing this it’s 4:37am. I’m not on the early shift at work. I’m not even at work today. But here I am. Awake. As almost always insomnia rules.I’m not just awake too early. I’m also fifty five. That’s actually an important milestone. Because at that age you can see sixty coming over the horizon. There is of course never a turning back when it comes to aging. But even more so now.

So I’m old. People tell me I’m not but I know I am. Doesn’t matter that I could live to be a hundred and have a telegram from a monarch (I hope not. Would love Wales to be a republic). Despite what people will tell you fifty is not the new twenty. It’s not a half century for nothing.

After all when I was 18-30 I was eligible for the raucous hedonistic Club 18-30 holidays (full disclosure I never did – My mind probably was always 55). Now I’m eligible for Over 50’s Life Insurance to pay for funeral plans when I die!

Meanwhile let’s not forget about Brexit. As things stand we’re about to enter the long dark Brexit of the soul. Whatever the consequences of that will be it won’t be good for the majority. Let’s be clear here. Apart from the Nationalist parties nobody emerges from British political life with any credit whatsoever.

A shoutout to Tony’s in Penarth. A small unassuming Italian restaurant next to the Tesco Express there. Mother, wife, daughter (and me -obviously!) went there last night. When I got the Bolognese I ordered thought that it was slightly bigger than from a microwave meal. But not only was it filling. Not only was it better than the Italian restaurant we went in Cardiff Bay it was the best Italian food I’ve tasted in a restaurant outside of Italy ever (and I haven’t been paid to write that down either!).

Five minutes to seven now. Have had toast for breakfast. When croissants are unavailable it’ll have to do.

I’m going to sleep for an hour. See if wife/daughter wake up then.

It’s go eight now. Wife’s awake. So will be out today to Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff.

Until the next time.