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The army on the streets.. discourse and reality….The hidden assumptions s of the Yellow Vests
Sajid Javid invokes Britannia and the Royal Navy to keep Johnny Refugee away from the white cliffs and the channel. Maybot unleashed images of herself with troops, talks of the army ready for Brexit . She speaks if being prepared. The media is full of recruiting adverts for the services i hear the army is prepared for a return of the Troubles after a No Deal Brexit. On the Facebook Page Port Talbot Debate and Argue I read that at least a dozen people would support the Crown in a Civil War against Parliament. The soldiers are loyal to the Crown the implication is clear. The truth is that military conditioning and training helps you to respect the right and the establishment. It was the soldiers that supported Franco. It was the former soldiers of the Imperial German Army who firmed the proto Nazi’s of the FreiCorp and Tommy Robinson has his now picture taken with soldiers. The discourse is’s been clear for hundredss of years. Our boys are shown ready to stop the foreigner and the migrant. Tommy is there too. The appeal is clear recruit young working class men give them a career, indoctrinate them, make them ‘patrootic” turn them again st a left wing agenda and then either slaughter them in war against the working class of other states or cultures. Then forget them and put the victims of PTSD on the streets as homeless. It’s always been like that it’s the oldest right wing method of social control.

The Yellow vests begin to stir in this country . We find individuals from the far right beginning to establish patriotic groups. We find one Martin Costello and other former people from UKIP who wrecked a left wing bookshop joining the organisation. We find racists and Holacaust deniers joining and establishing groups. The Yellow jackets, the EDL and Gerard Batten form street gangs..soimagine the scenario under a left wing Labour government with a Black Home Secreatry, a Socialist Chancellor and radical policies. The right is organising.. and providing a street opposition yo the Left. Read the subtest contained within “ Patriotic people across Wales intend to gather to exercise their democratic rights to be heard and to promulgate the Truth to the wider general public in Newport Town Centre (10am 5th January 2019) under the symbol of the ‘Yellow Vest’ as an emblem of Sovereignty, Independence and Democracy by the people, of the people and for the people.” Trad the comments by Ashlra Robins of Manchester Yellow Yests. You may be interested to know that she has been banned from facebook for racist outbursts.

Finally create a cult of the Poppy of the Royal British Legion of the war to end all wars. Don’t mention the property owner by the Legion, don’t allow criticism of the status quo. It’s so simple, so effective and I am so tired of sitting with the victims of this trope and even more so of reading and hearing the arguments of soldiers and firmer soldiers against the left. The problem is that they all sound the same, reason the same and are conditioned the same. Yet so few wake up to the reality of their conditioning and are state and superstructurally hypnotized. He is a universal soldier and they really are to blame. From Catalonia to Cardiff the military discourse pushes towards authoritarian policies, people and platitudes Fascism is rising. ..

 The iconography is quite clear. The model of the solfiers and patriotic discourse. The Edl , The Football lads Alliance and now the Yellow Vests. please look at the excellent work being donne by far Right watch Wales for more details.