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This year begins today. Gradually we knit ourselves back in. Crises begin again. There is still the narrowness of Farageist bluekippers out there. Yet it feels that something is changing. The Tory government still continues on its long agonising death throws. On Radio 4 I listen to a programme called “How others see us” and I reflect how difficult it is to step outside of ourselves. This view is the territory of the Anthropologist and the Psychotherapist. This ability sails contrary to everything conservative and xenophobic. We now see that essentially there are two large blocks facing one another across the political and philosophical horizon. Dispite every trick that the deep state and the superstructure of the state throws at Corbyn we see that a solid 40% believes the radical agenda that Labour offers. In an election campaign with fairer media rules Labour will put on another 7 or 8 percentage points. Yet the establishment is afraid very afraid and we now face a very unknown and unclear future. Yet the impetus is clearly left.The Brexit decision is no longer binary. There is now clearly four or even five options. Yet none of them have the capacity to pass Parliament. It’s becoming also clear that the neoliberal political centre is dead. It’s quite clear that the so called free market is no longer compatible with democracy..Liberal capitalism no longer can use Liberal political methods.. Market forces are promoted by autjoritarian regimes through out the world. Erdogan, Trump, China, Hungary and more strong men takes us back to the 1930s. An authoritarian current is running through out the world. We are entering a stage where Socialism will be the resistance to these authoritarian market forces. Hayek is inverted the ‘freer the market the more unfree are the people’. When the Trump bubble bursts and the next crisis if capitalism begins Marx will be shown to be prophetic.. As we reach the final crisis of late capitalism the first industrial nation that was Britain wikk become the first one where Socialism triumphs. The irony is lovely .

 Long ago Trotsky commented that Socialism would only come to Europe after the collapse of attempts to form a United States of Europe. As the Euro begins to shatter I see on a bright Wednesday morning the words of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Gramschi come true. I also see that posthumous Philosopher Nietzsche smile too. His concept of the “last men” and the standardisation of culture come true. Jung would tell us of the return of the repressed and of ideas long hidden in the collective unconscious bursting forth. Yep I feel the change this morning. As I write I receive a phone call from property services Powys. This is the fouth attempt by the outsourced property repairs to replace our kitchen draw. The price mechanism is a lousy method of helping people…how Marx would laugh…enjoy your day..