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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So as far as I can see First Minister Mark Drakeford gave out a New Year message as supposedly the leader of a nation. Blink and you’d miss it. It was on Twitter.

Two tweets that was it. It said that Britain had the prospect of being on a No-Deal Brexit. That the Welsh government will continue to stand up for Wales. That Wales could not work in isolation.  He would like to see “a more unified approach” from the UK government to secure “the bext possible deal for the whole of the UK”.

All very well. until you remember that he was Finance Minister in the Carwyn Jones administration that surrendered the Brexit powers that should have come to Wales after March 29 to the pathetic May administration for seven years. Let’s repeat that : He did not negotiate. He surrendered.

So much for standing up for Wales.

It is not a statement that thinks Wales should have any input in any negotiations. Why? He’s not thinking of Theresa. Oh no. He’s thinking of Jeremy. As I have said before in this blog Wales does not have a new leader. It has a disciple.

But the most interesting statement was that Wales could not work in isolation. It shows yet again that he is a Unionist in a Nationalist political role. Of course it would be great to work with other nations. Plaid Cymru has advocated independence and not isolation. But the thing is. History shows that there are moments when isolation is better than compromise (and let’s be clear I’m not talking about Brexit here).

But Mark Drakeford’s instinct is to compromise with Westminster, especially a Westminster with Jeremy as Prime Minister.

So the question which needs to posed to the disciple is this. If an issue comes up in tenure as First Minister where the best possible action for Wales is to take a course of action different from Westminster will he do it?

For if he doesn’t he will be a Welsh Quisling. Truly a “Red Cairns”.

Until the next time.