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Hi everyone. This is to inform you of some philosophy courses that are running independently of Dace. If anyone is interested please contact the telephone number or email address below. Of course the reading group will also be meeting in waterstones 1-3 pm on Monday 14th January.
Beginning Tuesday 10am – 12pm. January 8th 2019. 10am – 12pm   :- Satire in 18th Century British Society: taught by Martyn Shrewsbury  
Beginning Wednesday 10am – 12pm. January 9th 2019:- Right Wing Philosophy and Thought taught by Jenni Jenkins and Martyn Shrewsbury
Beginning Thursday 10am – 12pm. January 10th 2019:- The Story of the King James bible. taught by Martyn Shrewsbury.
All courses are held at Asclepius clinic and education centre. 33 a Walter Rd Swansea.  The courses run for thirteen weeks in 2 hourly sessions. Each costs  £65. For more information ring 07592330467 or email