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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As it’s the time of year when you get Amazon gift vouchers as presents. Proceed to spend what you want and then realise there’s £5 less which you don’t know what to deal with.

Occasionally on this blog I play a game where following all the recommendations from Amazon I see how many ebooks I can get for a fiver.

This time I’m going to play the game based on the Backlisted literary podcast. Based on books by writers or as guests in the podcast from episode one I will see how many I can download for a pound or less for a total of £5. This doesn’t include books available for free or (obviously) books I already have. The other rule here is one book per author


Their Finest by Lissa Evans, a guest on the first and other programmes. A novel about an ad agency in World War Two. 99p.

Coming Up for Air by George Orwell. I’ve read his essays, Burmese Days and of course 1984 and Animal Farm. But whilst I’ve got a Classic  Penguin paperback of The Clergyman’s Daughter I haven’t got round to reading his other fiction. So hopefully this will redress the balance. 84p

James Joyce wrote a novella? Well apparently he did. I must admit to having etons of James Joyce ebooks that I haven’t yet got round to reading and this is another one. It’s called The Dead. 49p

Jonathan Coe’s The Rotters Club. Another contributor to the podcast. An author I’ve always wanted to get round to read. 99p

Ostrich Country by David Nobbs. An actual author discussed on Backlisted. I’ve read The Fall and Rise Of Reginald Perrin books. Novels which are far deeper than they first appear so I’m excited about this. 99p

Finally All the Sad Young Men by F Scott Fitzgerald. A sequel to The Great Gatsby. As regular readers will know I view Fitzgerald as literary Switzerland in that I don’t dislike him but I don’t get why he’s considered great. I’ve never read The Great Gatsby mind. So this sequel has (once I’ve done so) curiosity value.

So what has this exercise achieved? No idea. Still it was fun playing it.

Until the next time.