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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So then you will ask. Why have I chosen Gaelic to be the next language I will try and learn alongside French and Welsh? Surely ( as I know some of you will claim) it’s a “dead language” ?

Well part of the reason, and I expect a factor in a lot of my decision making this year is Brexit. If travel is going to become more difficult then I might as well pick a language relatively close enough to appreciate given it’s spoken in Scotland as well as Ireland.

The plan is to visit one of these two countries later in the year and cause laughter and merriment amongst the locals as I completely muck it up Allo Allo style. Though for the reason I explained in my previous post whatever happens re Brexit I might not be able to do that.

Gaelic is not a dead language. To my knowledge already I can access two BBC radio stations as well as the RTE one as well,watch BBC ALBA live and watch through catchup TG4 from the Irish Republic. So access is there and relatively easy. Why put all of these resources to “a dead language” .

A short post (I’m writing this at 4:15am in the morning before going to work) but a marker for my progress. Will, like French and Welsh, start to give regular updates from now on.

Until the next time.