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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Today is my birthday not birthday in that whilst my actual birthday is Wednesday (fifty five folks) as I’m working on that day in the afternoon/evening shift it would be impossible for wife/daughter/mother to have done anything for me. And quite frankly I wouldn’t have wanted it anyway if I was conscious of the ticking clock that would have been time to go to work.

And to be honest it wouldn’t have bothered me if there was no cake etc. I’m not one for birthday celebrations as regular readers will know that I’m not one for Christmas. Given that all it’s telling me is that I’m older and as Bonnie Tyler once sang the best of my years have gone by. But the women in my life (wife/mother/daughter) would have wanted it. So a low key quiet thing is acceptable today, the last day off I have before January second.

Also, since I won’t be able to post tomorrow (early shift) I’ll throw in New Year resolutions in as well.

Just three:

1) Make a greater effort in learning French and Welsh. And from January 1st a new language as well which I’ll chat about then.

2) Increase my involvement with Plaid Cymru. There will be a time of the year when this will not be easy as I’ll will be looking after someone after an operation. But for most of the year work/family aside there’s no reason why I can’t do this.

3) To be a far better cook. When I do look after that person I don’t think 24 Pasta Bake is going to cut it somehow.

Oh…..and World Peace.

One last word about Christmas (I think). I really don’t get the vibe that people really enjoyed Christmas this year. I suspect it’s because they’re looking at the year to come.

Random thought: I still haven’t heard people call The Second Severn Crossing The Prince Of Wales bridge yet. Quiet rebellion there perhaps.

I’m not sure how 2019 is going to turn out. Everything suggests that it’s going to be very demanding on us all. But let’s hope it turns out to be different and so to the readers of this blog and the wayward thoughts of an old man like me I truly wish you a Happy New Year.

Anyway time to start my birthday not birthday.

Until the next time